The fact that RMS and L&A use our own software programmes demonstrates our trust in our own systems.


The system is a simplified electronic SMS system designed and used internationally for all small to medium sized companies - very affordable, easy to use, available in English and Spanish. We have a Helpdesk for ongoing assistance and training, both initial and refresher for our clients, for the duration of their contract. RMS will continue to grow eSMS-S™ and enhance the system in line with our Users’ requirements but it will remain a simple to use system. USER FORUMS are held annually in Johannesburg, South Africa and Nairobi, Kenya and will be held in other locations as required.

Clients can purchase either a six-month renewable contract/subscription which attracts a one-month free usage.

Now in version 3, eSMS-S™ has matured, is in use in many countries and will soon be joined by other linked systems called eSMS-S™ Plus tools.


Where all L&A reports are tracked to closure with Client access. eREP-S™ is an auditing system designed for medium to large companies and is used by Litson & Associates Auditors worldwide.